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賃金構成と賃金スケールの作成方法ワークショップ (インドネシア人向け)のお知らせ[有料]


JAC ビジネスセンターでは、賃金構成と賃金スケールの作成方法について人事専門家のサイフッディン・バハルンを講師として迎えワークショップを実施します。 

日付 : 2017年4月26日(水)
時間  : 08.30 – 16.30 WIB
場所  : Hotel Sari Pan Pacific – Meeting Room 4th Floor
Jl. MH. Thamrin No.6, Jakarta Pusat
使用言語 : インドネシア語

参加費はRp2,420,000 (消費税10%含)、先着30名とさせていただきます。


担当 :ヴィナ (Ms. Kautsariah Oktavina)
メール :kautsariah.oktavina@jac-recruitment.com
電話番号 :+62(0)-21 314 8009


In accordance with the Government Regulation (Peraturan Pemerintah) No. 78/2015 (dated October 23rd, 2015) and the Ministry of Manpower Regulation (Permenaker) No. 1/2017 (dated March 21st, 2017), all companies are obligated to create, inform, and implement a Salary Structure and Scale, at the latest by October 23rd, 2017. Violation of this obligation will result in an administrative sanction against the respective non-compliant Company. In addition, internally, the absence of a Salary Structure and Scale will be a demotivating factor for Employees in achieving targets set by the Company.

Does your Company already have a Salary Structure and Scale?
Do you know how to create a Salary Structure and Scale?
What factors need to be considered in creating it?

We, the JAC Business Center, will hold a 1 Day Workshop entitled “Creating Salary Structure and Scale” to answer the above questions. We recommend HR Practitioners, HR Directors, HR Managers/Staff, Finance Departments, Heads of Divisions or Departments that deal with salary issues to participate this Workshop.

Event Date
Day/Date : Wednesday, April 26th, 2017
Time : 08.30 – 16.30 WIB (Western Indonesian Time)
Venue : Hotel Sari Pan Pacific Jakarta - Meeting Room 4th Floor
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 6, Jakarta Pusat.

Mr. Saifuddin Bachrun
HR Practitioner & Expert, speaker in Seminar/Workshop and author of several books regarding Salary Structure and Scale, former member of the Dewan Pengupahan Nasional (National Wage Council) from Expert Representative.
Work experience: General Manager of Amoco Mitsui PTA, HR Director of PT. Mattel Indonesia, HR Manager of PT BAT Indonesia.

Investment and Quota
Investment of Rp. 2.420.000,- (Two million four hundred twenty thousand rupiahs), which includes VAT 10%. Please transfer before the event date to the Bank Central Asia (BCA) account number: 680.505.1501 on behalf of PT. JAC Consulting Indonesia.
There is a quota limit of 30 participants only.

Enroll now because seats are limited. Please state your Company Name, Participant Full Name, Position, Mobile Number, Office Address, E-mail Address and send to:

Contact Person : Umar Mufreni
HP/WA/SMS : 0821 2540 9976
Telepon : 021-3148009
E-mail : hrconsulting.id@jac-recruitment.com
Deadline for registration is Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 or when quota is reached.

For registration website, please click here.
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【インドネシア進出企業様向け】 人材採用、会社設立、ビザ代行、通訳・翻訳、人事コンサルティングなど。インドネシアでのビジネスをスムーズに。
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